I’ll Be Okay if I Never See Another Egg

Hey all!  I deserve a few awards this week! 1) The world’s worst blogger award, and 2) Worst workout week award.  Yep, sorry 😦  I’ve been to the gym exactly once this entire week (Tuesday).  Oh well, moving on!

I’ll say I made it through Halloween relatively unscathed.  I did break down and have one fun sized Peppermint Pattie, and last night at family night supper, I had one small bite of my mom’s trial dessert – Pumpkin Oat bread – I had to sample!  Either way, I’m back to the Whole30 plan and I’ve got until November 18, then I think I’ll add on a few extra days to make up for the two days of slips.  Honestly, I could eat like the plan calls for on most meals, but I’m really struggling with breakfast.  I’m so terribly sick of eating eggs!  Some mornings lately, I would rather eat nothing than to eat another egg.  If I force myself to eat eggs when I don’t want to, I will feel physically ill.  I could have organic, fancy, grass-fed bacon or sausage, but let’s be honest.  That shit is expensive and we aren’t exactly rolling in the dough at the moment.

Yeah, so, if anyone has some gym motivation to lend, I could use it!  I can assure you that it’s not going to be any easier to get up and go at 5:30, when the temperature outside keeps dropping!  I’d rather be snuggled in my warm bed.

I’ll leave you with my Halloween cutie – Batman.  And yes, he’s worn this costume many other places since.  He’s only a kid once and he can get away with it because he’s so darn cute!

2013-10-31 18.00.04












Leg Day & The Whole 30

I’ve been playing around with my workouts lately.  I pretty much never do the same thing twice as far as strength training goes, but I wanted to see what really made me feel it the most.  So, last week I did all of my weight training on the gym machines and this week, I’ve done all my weight training in the free weight area using dumbbells and the weight bars.  I tried to keep the exercises I did basically the same between the machines and the free weights.  Last week, I was mildly sore after my workouts, but I recovered quickly and it didn’t bother me much at all.  Today is a different story!  Leg day was Tuesday.  It’s Thursday and I still can’t sit on the toilet without slowly lowering myself.  A handicapped bar would be helpful.  So.  Much.  Pain.  In conclusion, training with the free weights is definitely better for me.  I feel like I get more bang for my buck even if I have to fight the meatheads to get in there 😉















In food related news, I feel like I need a reboot.  Something drastic to kickstart my body into dropping the pounds.  I’ve been at this for threeish months now and I’ve only lost 8 pounds.  I know that I can do better – I’ve done it before!  I’ve spent some time researching cleanses/reboots/jumpstart diet programs and I’ve found one that I think will be best for me.  It’s called The Whole 30, and you basically cut grains, sugars, dairy and artificial sweeteners from your diet for 30 days.  What I like about it is they don’t ask you to buy their plan, or pay for recipes.  There is a book that I may eventually read, but it’s not required to follow the plan.  They provide a free shopping list and a meal planning template to help you plan your food and there is a Facebook page and a forum if you need extra help.  I’m planning on starting this plan on Monday 10/21 (even though I’ve sort of “tested” the rules as much as I can since I read about the plan).  The one thing I’m going to TRY my best to follow is the “no weighing/measuring yourself after Day 1 until Day 30”.  They also don’t recommend counting calories or tracking as long as you’re following the rules.

This may be my favorite paragraph on the entire website.  I think I’ll paste it on my refrigerator as a reminder.

It is not hard. Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Quitting heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard. You won’t get any coddling, and you won’t get any sympathy for your “struggles”. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE not to complete the program as written. It’s only thirty days, and it’s for the most important health cause on earth – the only physical body you will ever have in this lifetime.


I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going!

Have a great Thursday!


Killed It

Good morning!  I’m riding high over here today for a few different reasons…

1) Despite taking last week off from the gym, I still managed to lose an entire pound for a change! (165.6 down to 164.6)  You’ll have to take my word for it because I didn’t get a picture this time.

2) Upon waking this morning, I turned off my alarm and rolled back over.  SERIOUSLY considered just going back to sleep, but I overcame that lazy voice and I got my ass in gear and returned to the gym this morning.  Best decision ever.  I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then worked chest, shoulders, and triceps – my arms are j-e-l-l-o right now.  Seriously having trouble typing!  Oh yeah, and I did all those exercises – bench press, chest flies, dumbell press, tricep extensions, etc. IN THE FREE WEIGHT AREA aka the place where all the big burly men hang out.  God heard my prayer and there were only two other people hanging out over there today.  Broke me in easy 😉

I call that a huge success.  The old me would have just gone back to sleep.  Not this time!

Tomorrow is leg day:  Glutes, quads, hamstrings & calves.  Looking forward to not being able to walk 🙂  Stretch city here I come!  I also think I need to get a foam roller.  I haven’t done that in the past, but I hear it works wonders for sore, tight muscles, and I plan on having those!


On Weights

I’m in a gym rut.  I find myself going and getting right on the elliptical machine for 20-30 minutes and then I have no idea what I’m doing next.  Maybe I’ll do some leg machines, or chest presses, definitely some abs, but with no real plan or purpose.   I KNOW that weights (heavy ones!) are what is going to change the shape of my body and melt the fat away faster, but 1) I’m a gym chicken – too many bulky dudes, and not enough free space and 2) I have no clue what I’m doing.

To change this, I have been searching, and reading, and writing down everything I can find on weight programs and exercises.  I would definitely appreciate any input you may have as to a good program! So, I’m taking tomorrow and the weekend away from the gym and I’ll spend that time getting a written plan together so that Monday I’ll go in knowing exactly what I’m going to do.  I’ll also be hoping that the big bulky dudes who probably think I’m a moron stay out of my way and personal space.

I think I’ll put this next motivational photo as my phone wallpaper for a little extra push!













Dreary Monday Outside

It’s gross out there today!  Perfect day to sleep in and lay on the couch all day and watch tv or read a book.  Did I do any of that?  NO!!  I got my ass out of bed at 5:15 and hit the gym – 20 minutes on the elliptical & legs (ouch!).  Then a little later on I went outside  and walked almost 2.5 miles with my mom and The Toddler.  Just before we got home it started drizzling just a little, but we decided to keep going.  By the time we got home it was all out raining (don’t worry – Toddler Boy had a rain cover on his stroller) and we were all wet!  So glad we did it though!  It was worth a little rain.

2013-09-23 09.56.54


I had a really good weekend.  I had one “cheat” meal – Chinese take out Chicken & Broccoli.  Not the worst, but I could definitely tell that it wasn’t on my healthy eating plan.  I felt awful after dinner and I was bloated and gross.  It’s almost not worth having a cheat meal if I’m going to feel like shit afterwards!

My motivation us way up and I’m going to keep it that way.  Looking forward to a great week!


Reality Check

I am so tired!  Getting back to 5:30 workouts isn’t easy after being sick for 12 days.  I haven’t missed a day though so yay me!  I have that nice muscle soreness that you hate to love.  It’s hard to sit on the toilet, but at least I know I’m working hard enough to make a change!

Yesterday, a co-worker of Hubs mother died.  She was only 49 and they found her in her home.  Not sure what the cause of it was yet, but it looks like a heart problem.  This single event really made me look at our lifestyle and recommit to making healthy changes for myself and my family.  This really isn’t about looking hot in a bikini (although that’s really nice!), it’s about living a LONG, healthy life with the people that you love.  If I happen to die young, I never want anyone to say that I was unhealthy or that I didn’t take care of myself.  I will not eat myself into an early grave.  I found this poster that give me plenty of reasons to move my butt:

50 reasonsI’ve been babysitting  a little girl only four months older than The Toddler on Tuesdays and Thursdays while her mom is at school. Let me just say that the “sibling” rivalry is strong with these two.  They aren’t related, but they may as well be twins.  These two may be a factor as to why I’m so dang tired!  Major refereeing happening all day long.

Back to the workouts.  Let me tell you the easiest move ever that has me in terrible pain for days after.  It’s a simple side bend with a weight.  All you do is hold the weight in one hand and bend to that side for 8-10 reps (I used 8 lb weights).  Repeat on the other side.  This is killing the obliques.  I have never been more sore down my sides than I am after doing these.  I’ve added some abs in on top of the Prevention Magazine workout that I’m following and these are just one of them.

Last night I made Honey Garlic Crockpot Chicken.  The only change I made is instead of chicken breasts, I used boneless, skinless thighs.  The Hubs likes those better and they don’t get as dry in the crockpot as breasts do.  I will definitely be making this one again!  So yummy.  The Toddler isn’t a huge meat eater and he ate every bit of it and asked for more.  Next time though, I will use low sodium soy sauce (I only had regular), and I’ll try to find a ketchup that is cleaner than regular Hunt’s.  Otherwise it’s a great, clean recipe!

Have a great day!