A Late Start Is Better Than No Start

I always think that it would be fun to participate in these photo a day challenges but I never get around to actually doing it!  Blakely is doing one that looks fun, so I’m jumping in…12 days late.  This one has a lot to do with fitness and works great with my personal fitness goals!  I’ll do today (Day 12) and a catch up day until I’ve done them all!










So, here goes…Day 12:  Fave Gym Shoes.

2013-11-12 09.04.18


My babies.  My Nike Run Free 3s.  These are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn.  The best part – I got them at Nordstrom Rack.  These babies cost me $35.  I’m going to be sad when I have to replace them because unless I find another deal like that, these will cost me $75 to $100.  Completely worth it though!  Seriously, best shoes ever.
And for my catch up..Day 1: Monthly Goals.  I started the month smack in the middle of a Whole30 challenge, so my main goal would be to finish that with minimum screw ups.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a few, but I’ve gotten right back to it with a quickness.
See you tomorrow for Day 13 & Catch up Day 2 🙂

I’ll Be Okay if I Never See Another Egg

Hey all!  I deserve a few awards this week! 1) The world’s worst blogger award, and 2) Worst workout week award.  Yep, sorry 😦  I’ve been to the gym exactly once this entire week (Tuesday).  Oh well, moving on!

I’ll say I made it through Halloween relatively unscathed.  I did break down and have one fun sized Peppermint Pattie, and last night at family night supper, I had one small bite of my mom’s trial dessert – Pumpkin Oat bread – I had to sample!  Either way, I’m back to the Whole30 plan and I’ve got until November 18, then I think I’ll add on a few extra days to make up for the two days of slips.  Honestly, I could eat like the plan calls for on most meals, but I’m really struggling with breakfast.  I’m so terribly sick of eating eggs!  Some mornings lately, I would rather eat nothing than to eat another egg.  If I force myself to eat eggs when I don’t want to, I will feel physically ill.  I could have organic, fancy, grass-fed bacon or sausage, but let’s be honest.  That shit is expensive and we aren’t exactly rolling in the dough at the moment.

Yeah, so, if anyone has some gym motivation to lend, I could use it!  I can assure you that it’s not going to be any easier to get up and go at 5:30, when the temperature outside keeps dropping!  I’d rather be snuggled in my warm bed.

I’ll leave you with my Halloween cutie – Batman.  And yes, he’s worn this costume many other places since.  He’s only a kid once and he can get away with it because he’s so darn cute!

2013-10-31 18.00.04











Progress Update

Sorry I was blog slacking yesterday!  I was not however slacking on my Whole30!  Today is day 10 and it is going well.  I’m not going to lie, there are moments when I would probably kill someone for a piece of peanut butter toast, but so far I’ve been able to fight all the urges/cravings and stick to the plan.  This is especially victorious for me because I’ve made it through Family Night with the mac & cheese, a “circus” themed birthday party with cotton candy, hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, and cake, and the Pumpkin Patch with all the yummy snacks & drinks that a fall festival brings.  Not one slip up!  Now to conquer Halloween!

Remember way back in August when I said that I lose weight in my face first?  No?  Okay, well I’m about to show you.  This is why I take pictures.  This is what motivates me the most!  This is my face August 5 & October 27.

face changes august 13-october13







If only it showed that drastically in my belly!  However, I know that if I keep at it, one day it will show that drastically in my belly 🙂

I can’t wait to see the difference between day 1 and day 30 of my Whole30 results!

Happy Tuesday!



Day 4 & Feeling Amazing!



It’s day 4 of my Whole30 and I’m happy to say that I am rocking that shit!  All signs of Carb Flu are gone.  No more headache or fatigue!  So glad about that.

I know that you aren’t supposed to weigh after Day 1, but curiosity killed the cat and all so I weighed this morning.  I’ll try not to do it again until the end!  I’m very happy to report that this is working miracles in the weight department!  I’ll just say that I’ve dropped more weight in the last three days than I have the past month!  That is just the kickstart I was looking for.  Oh yeah, and that was WITHOUT any exercise at all.  I skipped the gym Monday and Tuesday because I just felt so blah.  Back at it this morning though!

So, it’s full speed ahead for me.  I will finish this and it’s quite possible that, at the end, I may just keep cutting WAY back on the carbs/grains.  I do miss my oatmeal though!

Hope you have a happy hump day!