Good Food

Good morning everyone!

I’ve got a few really good recipes to share today.  I’ve been really trying out all sorts of new recipes lately and The Hubs is loving it.  He said I can never stop and go back to the same old thing over and over like we used to do!

The first is a mexican tortilla pizza that I got here.  We all loved it, I left out the onions because none of us are really crazy about them.






2013-09-30 19.44.09












The second we had last night, Maple Mustard Chicken Thighs.  So yummy.  The Hubs LOVED this chicken.  It will definitely be making a repeat appearance on our dinner table.  I didn’t get a picture of it because we scarfed it down so fast!

I haven’t had the best exercise week this week, but that’s ok.  I have walked and will again today, but the gym has been a stranger the past few mornings.  I don’t know what’s up with my sleep cycle but it has been terrible.  I’ve been waking up several times a night and having a hard time going back to sleep, couple that with some crazy dreams and when my alarm goes off at 5:15, my first thought is “f-this”.  Sorry I’m human!  Hopefully I can get this sleep thing under control soon – I have a feeling it’s related to that terrible time of the month (I feel like I’m always talking about this – why must it come so often?!), so we shall see.

Hope your day is great!



This sucks

So, I didn’t get to the gym today either. When I walked into my apartment after work, I saw my feverish husband laying on the couch. He looked pitiful and was freezing. He currently has on a jacket and a blanket thrown over him plus our air isn’t even on. And folks, we are in the deep south. Like, it’s the middle of September and we are at a high of 90°. So, yeah, he’s sick. But I’ve decided that my early morning workouts are starting tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about things happening after work or getting home & being too tired to go. I had under my calorie goal at least & that’s the hardest part. Plus, I wore this today & felt pretty cute!


Oh, and here’s a side shot. You’ll have to ignore the awkward bunching of my undershirt. But, I think there’s definitely a difference!

My meals today:
Breakfast – scrambled egg with 3 egg whites topped with mushrooms, chives, red bell pepper & tomatoes and washed down with a glass or orange juice.

Lunch – roasted red pepper hummus on top of some saltines and topped with sliced Cucumber, followed by a dannon light & fit yogurt.

Dinner – a giant portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese and veggies, Alexia sweet potato fries, white rice & shrimp.

Snacks – 100 calorie mini Cliff bar, banana and 1 tbsp natural peanut butter

Oh, plus I did this just for shits & giggles. I’m SO happy! This was also measured at night with no exercise today, which is so encouraging because it shows my hard work of eating right is paying off!


I’ll be up and at em at 5:15 in the morn!! See yall peeps then! Even if I have to we you in the dark 😉 I’m ready Freddie! Beast mode activated!

Snack Ideas?

Tomorrow is meal planning day around here and I need some help!!  I have no problem with breakfast, lunch, and dinner but I need some snacking ideas!  I feel stuck in a rut and I’m always eating almonds, or apples, or protein bars.

I need them to be fairly quick with few preparation steps because I am spending these times chasing and playing with a very active toddler!  So, got anything?

As for weigh in tomorrow, I will report as usual, but I’m pretty much calling this week a bust.  Between the big birthday weekend and the natural weight fluctuation (usually up!) and bloating from shark week, I don’t expect a huge loss.  I’ll be thrilled if I maintained 🙂

Gotta run, The Toddler and his playmate are running me ragged already this morning.  I need to go referee the fighting before someone gets hurt!

See y’all tomorrow!


Friday Weigh In & Breakfast

Good morning!  Weighed in this morning even though I just weighed a few days ago for my one month update.  The scale is still going down, praise be!

Today’s scale:

2013-09-06 05.36.18

I’m happy with a loss!

Now, I though you might like to see my favorite breakfast!

2013-09-06 07.27.16

The eggs are:

1 egg with yolk
3 Tbls egg whites (I used Egg Beaters)
1/8 cup chopped kale
1/8 cup petite diced tomatoes
1/8 cup Mozzarella cheese

I eat them on top of a multigrain Wasa flatbread.

I also only got to eat 4 of those strawberries because The Toddler stole two of them for himself.  Scavenger, he is!

All that is approximately 222 calories.  I don’t always put the cheese in it but I did today because the past few days I’ve not quite hit my calorie goal and I need the 40 extra calories that it added.

That’s it!  Hope your day is great!



Reality Check

I am so tired!  Getting back to 5:30 workouts isn’t easy after being sick for 12 days.  I haven’t missed a day though so yay me!  I have that nice muscle soreness that you hate to love.  It’s hard to sit on the toilet, but at least I know I’m working hard enough to make a change!

Yesterday, a co-worker of Hubs mother died.  She was only 49 and they found her in her home.  Not sure what the cause of it was yet, but it looks like a heart problem.  This single event really made me look at our lifestyle and recommit to making healthy changes for myself and my family.  This really isn’t about looking hot in a bikini (although that’s really nice!), it’s about living a LONG, healthy life with the people that you love.  If I happen to die young, I never want anyone to say that I was unhealthy or that I didn’t take care of myself.  I will not eat myself into an early grave.  I found this poster that give me plenty of reasons to move my butt:

50 reasonsI’ve been babysitting  a little girl only four months older than The Toddler on Tuesdays and Thursdays while her mom is at school. Let me just say that the “sibling” rivalry is strong with these two.  They aren’t related, but they may as well be twins.  These two may be a factor as to why I’m so dang tired!  Major refereeing happening all day long.

Back to the workouts.  Let me tell you the easiest move ever that has me in terrible pain for days after.  It’s a simple side bend with a weight.  All you do is hold the weight in one hand and bend to that side for 8-10 reps (I used 8 lb weights).  Repeat on the other side.  This is killing the obliques.  I have never been more sore down my sides than I am after doing these.  I’ve added some abs in on top of the Prevention Magazine workout that I’m following and these are just one of them.

Last night I made Honey Garlic Crockpot Chicken.  The only change I made is instead of chicken breasts, I used boneless, skinless thighs.  The Hubs likes those better and they don’t get as dry in the crockpot as breasts do.  I will definitely be making this one again!  So yummy.  The Toddler isn’t a huge meat eater and he ate every bit of it and asked for more.  Next time though, I will use low sodium soy sauce (I only had regular), and I’ll try to find a ketchup that is cleaner than regular Hunt’s.  Otherwise it’s a great, clean recipe!

Have a great day!



Hump daaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!

It’s Wednesday, people! We are halfway through the week & that means we are only 2 working days away from the weekend once we get home this afternoon.

Just FYI, instead of posting 2 or 3 blog entries a day, m just going to feed off of one entry for the whole day. I may update in the morning & then again at night but I’ll just edit the one blog I originally post. Unless it is something completely separate, I’ll just have one post per day so be sure to check around 9pm for my finished day.

Had a great breakfast this morning of a full egg with two added egg whites & mixed some bell pepper & reduced fat cheese in there & topped it off with a tsp of salsa. With it, I paired a piece of reduced calorie toast & one slice of turkey bacon. Then for lunch I’m having a salad with the leftover tuna mixture from last night & a 100 calorie mini Cliff bar. So far, so good! Not sure what I will fix for dinner yet. I’ll post it later 😉 also, didn’t go to the gym last night since it was my rest day. Still stayed below my 1600 calories, though! 🙂 a d today I’m starting at 1400. Keep me on your thoughts, I am am really going to need the strength to get me through the next few months of this hard journey. For now, I’ll leave ya with a picture of a beautiful smiley baby that I hate leaving every morning when I go to work.


Okie dokie guys, I did great today starting my new calorie goal. I ate just a little over 1200 calories today, and that was straight up calories before any exercise. Super happy that I wasn’t starving, I was really scared I would be. I may have to eat an apple before bed since I did my arm workouts after dinner. Put a little PB on top for some added protein & I’ll be right at 1400 with all that. Yay!!! Even with the apple & peanut butter (if I decide to eat it), my fitness pal is saying “if everyday were like today, you’d weigh 198.5 pounds in 5 weeks”. Holy cow! 17 pounds?! That’s so motivating! I’ve actually contemplated this for a while, but I think October is the month. Yep, the month of no cheat meals!!! After this month of a toddler’s birthday, my birthday, my husband’s birthday & then a baby shower, I’ll have a bunch of cheat meals. More than enough. So I think I’ll push myself, and even if the hubs & I go to dinner I believe I’ll just have to pass on the bad stuff. I think it will really help a lot with the holidays soon to follow the month of October. I’ll keep you guys posted the whole way!

That’s all for tonight, guys! I need a serious shower & then I’m hitting the sheets. Goodnight!