Non-Scale Victory Link Up


Today I’m linking up and sharing my non-scale victory this week!

Every Wednesday night we have Family Night at my parent’s house.  We all get together and eat dinner and just spend time together.  This night is usually my cheat night because there’s just no way to make my entire family eat like I want to eat.  Then I started the Whole30 plan.  No cheating allowed.  None.  So last night while my family ate “oven fried” chicken and my favorite mac & cheese, I ate grilled chicken, green beans, and cabbage (they had the veggies too).  I made the effort to prepare my own chicken and opt out of that yummy, gooey, cheesy macaroni.  That may have been the hardest challenge so far of my Whole30…and I’m only on day 5!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!  If you’re needing a little motivation today, I’ve shared some of the quotes that keep me going down below!





































With A Little Help From Our Friends

One of the reasons that we started this blog was for motivation.  If we had a place to come and vent, share, and discuss what was going on in our weight loss journey, then we would be that much more likely to succeed!  I know for a fact that it has kept me from quitting more than once since we started!

So, for that same reason, yesterday we started a Facebook page and an Instagram account.  I hope that we can build a little community of support and motivation to push us even farther than we thought we could go.  If you would be so kind as to like our Facebook page and follow our Instagram.  Stop by, say ‘hi!’, and maybe together we can help inspire one another!

I know we don’t have a huge following, and that’s just fine.  We’re not trying to be famous or anything, we just enjoy the community that can exist when people share the same goals!  Like the song says, “we get by with a little help from our friends.”

Join us!






















Ps…I did go to the gym today 😉


For real this time


Haha. Just a little Monday humor since we all hate Mondays! 🙂 I think this was probably me as a child. 😉

And, Okay. I know. I’ve been a total slacker a LOT during this journey the last few weeks. I mean, I’ve done REALLY BAD. I’ve been lazy, unmotivated and just downright wanted to give up. Well, not anymore. Today is the day that I get back on track, for good. The good thing is that I haven’t gained any weight back from all the badness and no gym very much the past few weeks. But, at least I know that even with no weight gained I cannot do this forever. I’ve had fun and got my rest, but it’s time to stop being a lazy ass and get back on track.

I don’t know what it was but today I just had a huge sweep of motivation run over me. I was at my desk at work when I had already told myself that since my little boy went to his grandfather’s house this week that I was just going to be bad. I was determined that one more week wouldn’t make a difference and that since he was gone for this week I should just rest. In don’t know what it was, but my emotions just took over my and my whole mindset changed. I went from feeling bad about myself to feeling good on the progress I made. I then came home and worked hard for an hour at the gym. I then enjoyed my dinner and now I’m in the bath tub relaxing and washing the day away. I’ll be back at it tomorrow morning to start more progress on my back and maybe do some legs tomorrow since I did arms today. All I know is that I’ve come too far to give up now. If I revert back to how I used to be, I’ll regret it in the long run. Especially when my husband and I decide to have another baby and I gain more weight. Boo! I will not do that the next time I get pregnant.

Anyways, it appears my motivation is back on track. I thank God for the strength given to me today to turn my mind around. Until tomorrow, here are some motivational photos to help me keep going. I’ll start out with the sexiest back and ass I’ve ever seen. Girl, I wanna be like you! And I’m coming. In will achieve all of what is portrayed in these photos at some point.





This last one is especially true becuase it’s exactly how I feel! Except that motivates me even more to keep going. So, congrats all for losing as your helping yourself and me!

Then vs. Now

So I found a few pics of myself from a few months ago when I first started working out. I know I get discouraged because I’m so impatient, but when I found these photos it did make me feel better. So, here we go.


This photo was taken in February, about a month after I started working out. Yikes.


This was yesterday, looking goofy but absolutely thinner.


I think this was in December, a few weeks before I started busting my butt. Notice how small my baby is 😉  and how FAT my face is.


This was this morning, attempting to keep my hair out of my face before I could pin it up.

Definitely a change, just not where I’m wanting to be. It sucks, I bitch and cry about it, but then I pick myself up & keep going. Just gotta push through this hard plateau and keep my head up. Go harder, change it up, try different types of exercises and eventually I’ll be back on track.

Now, off to go shopping for my sweet boys Christmas presents 😉 that’s right, I’m starting early! Have a good weekend!

Killed It

Good morning!  I’m riding high over here today for a few different reasons…

1) Despite taking last week off from the gym, I still managed to lose an entire pound for a change! (165.6 down to 164.6)  You’ll have to take my word for it because I didn’t get a picture this time.

2) Upon waking this morning, I turned off my alarm and rolled back over.  SERIOUSLY considered just going back to sleep, but I overcame that lazy voice and I got my ass in gear and returned to the gym this morning.  Best decision ever.  I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then worked chest, shoulders, and triceps – my arms are j-e-l-l-o right now.  Seriously having trouble typing!  Oh yeah, and I did all those exercises – bench press, chest flies, dumbell press, tricep extensions, etc. IN THE FREE WEIGHT AREA aka the place where all the big burly men hang out.  God heard my prayer and there were only two other people hanging out over there today.  Broke me in easy 😉

I call that a huge success.  The old me would have just gone back to sleep.  Not this time!

Tomorrow is leg day:  Glutes, quads, hamstrings & calves.  Looking forward to not being able to walk 🙂  Stretch city here I come!  I also think I need to get a foam roller.  I haven’t done that in the past, but I hear it works wonders for sore, tight muscles, and I plan on having those!


On Weights

I’m in a gym rut.  I find myself going and getting right on the elliptical machine for 20-30 minutes and then I have no idea what I’m doing next.  Maybe I’ll do some leg machines, or chest presses, definitely some abs, but with no real plan or purpose.   I KNOW that weights (heavy ones!) are what is going to change the shape of my body and melt the fat away faster, but 1) I’m a gym chicken – too many bulky dudes, and not enough free space and 2) I have no clue what I’m doing.

To change this, I have been searching, and reading, and writing down everything I can find on weight programs and exercises.  I would definitely appreciate any input you may have as to a good program! So, I’m taking tomorrow and the weekend away from the gym and I’ll spend that time getting a written plan together so that Monday I’ll go in knowing exactly what I’m going to do.  I’ll also be hoping that the big bulky dudes who probably think I’m a moron stay out of my way and personal space.

I think I’ll put this next motivational photo as my phone wallpaper for a little extra push!