A Late Start Is Better Than No Start

I always think that it would be fun to participate in these photo a day challenges but I never get around to actually doing it!  Blakely is doing one that looks fun, so I’m jumping in…12 days late.  This one has a lot to do with fitness and works great with my personal fitness goals!  I’ll do today (Day 12) and a catch up day until I’ve done them all!










So, here goes…Day 12:  Fave Gym Shoes.

2013-11-12 09.04.18


My babies.  My Nike Run Free 3s.  These are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn.  The best part – I got them at Nordstrom Rack.  These babies cost me $35.  I’m going to be sad when I have to replace them because unless I find another deal like that, these will cost me $75 to $100.  Completely worth it though!  Seriously, best shoes ever.
And for my catch up..Day 1: Monthly Goals.  I started the month smack in the middle of a Whole30 challenge, so my main goal would be to finish that with minimum screw ups.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a few, but I’ve gotten right back to it with a quickness.
See you tomorrow for Day 13 & Catch up Day 2 🙂

Leg Day & The Whole 30

I’ve been playing around with my workouts lately.  I pretty much never do the same thing twice as far as strength training goes, but I wanted to see what really made me feel it the most.  So, last week I did all of my weight training on the gym machines and this week, I’ve done all my weight training in the free weight area using dumbbells and the weight bars.  I tried to keep the exercises I did basically the same between the machines and the free weights.  Last week, I was mildly sore after my workouts, but I recovered quickly and it didn’t bother me much at all.  Today is a different story!  Leg day was Tuesday.  It’s Thursday and I still can’t sit on the toilet without slowly lowering myself.  A handicapped bar would be helpful.  So.  Much.  Pain.  In conclusion, training with the free weights is definitely better for me.  I feel like I get more bang for my buck even if I have to fight the meatheads to get in there 😉















In food related news, I feel like I need a reboot.  Something drastic to kickstart my body into dropping the pounds.  I’ve been at this for threeish months now and I’ve only lost 8 pounds.  I know that I can do better – I’ve done it before!  I’ve spent some time researching cleanses/reboots/jumpstart diet programs and I’ve found one that I think will be best for me.  It’s called The Whole 30, and you basically cut grains, sugars, dairy and artificial sweeteners from your diet for 30 days.  What I like about it is they don’t ask you to buy their plan, or pay for recipes.  There is a book that I may eventually read, but it’s not required to follow the plan.  They provide a free shopping list and a meal planning template to help you plan your food and there is a Facebook page and a forum if you need extra help.  I’m planning on starting this plan on Monday 10/21 (even though I’ve sort of “tested” the rules as much as I can since I read about the plan).  The one thing I’m going to TRY my best to follow is the “no weighing/measuring yourself after Day 1 until Day 30”.  They also don’t recommend counting calories or tracking as long as you’re following the rules.

This may be my favorite paragraph on the entire website.  I think I’ll paste it on my refrigerator as a reminder.

It is not hard. Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Quitting heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard. You won’t get any coddling, and you won’t get any sympathy for your “struggles”. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE not to complete the program as written. It’s only thirty days, and it’s for the most important health cause on earth – the only physical body you will ever have in this lifetime.


I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going!

Have a great Thursday!


On Weights

I’m in a gym rut.  I find myself going and getting right on the elliptical machine for 20-30 minutes and then I have no idea what I’m doing next.  Maybe I’ll do some leg machines, or chest presses, definitely some abs, but with no real plan or purpose.   I KNOW that weights (heavy ones!) are what is going to change the shape of my body and melt the fat away faster, but 1) I’m a gym chicken – too many bulky dudes, and not enough free space and 2) I have no clue what I’m doing.

To change this, I have been searching, and reading, and writing down everything I can find on weight programs and exercises.  I would definitely appreciate any input you may have as to a good program! So, I’m taking tomorrow and the weekend away from the gym and I’ll spend that time getting a written plan together so that Monday I’ll go in knowing exactly what I’m going to do.  I’ll also be hoping that the big bulky dudes who probably think I’m a moron stay out of my way and personal space.

I think I’ll put this next motivational photo as my phone wallpaper for a little extra push!













Okay guys….

I’m probably going to be MIA for this week. Since I’m starting my no cheat meal month and tons of exercise, I am granting my husband’s request and saying home from the gym this week. I will try my best to eat well, but knowing next week will start my no cheating next week I think it’s going to be pretty hard not to. I’ll try my very best, though! I still have pizza left over from my birthday that doesn’t need to go to waste and my bff is taking me to dinner tomorrow for my birthday since we didn’t get to meet up last weekend. I really feel guilty when I eat badly like u have all weekend and today, but it’s hard to say no to my sweet boys. Also, next week will start my 5am workouts with my extra weight routines and HIIT training since my shin splints seem to have dissipated for the time being. I’m really hoping with my no cheats, new weight lifting circuits and bringing in my cardio like a boss again that I’ll see significant differences by Christmas. That should be around 12 weeks and I think plenty of time to see significant results. I need this week to spend with my family. Maybe sister is having a baby this Friday so we will be heading up to Chattanooga for the weekend and, well, I’m sure the diet will be history for the week by that point. I’ve just been really stressed out at work and trying to eat right, exercise and spend time with my family is wearing me down a little. I need my family time this week before all the craziness begins. I think it will be good for me so that I can start next week and be feeling anxious about getting back in the gym. I’m also starting to feel like Brooke was feeling a few weeks back where I just have that “I don’t give a shit”  attitude and I think if I wear myself out this week, I’ll be setting myself up for failure next week when  I’m supposed to be on week 1 of no cheats and I CAN NOT screw up on my first week! That’s unacceptable and I truly know I can do this! I do know that it takes time and I need to find the exercises and food that work best for me. Just everybody, please say a prayer for me and keep me in high hopes that I can get through this!


I know I’ve come so far, but this is how I  feel when I start using the scales. I kind of wish I didn’t even look on the scales to begin with, but I know now I need to keep up with it so I can see the results first hand instead of guessing if I gained, lost or maintained throughout the week.

Trying to keep my positive attitude and focus on the next few months to come. I’ll keep everybody updated, of course, but I  really think my body, mind & heart need to be with my family this week.

See you guys Monday! Have a great week, safe weekend and I’ll be back to busting my ass next week. Promise!!!!!!

No More Apathy!!

Hey y’all.  How’s it going for you?  Me?  Ehhh.  That’s how I’ve felt about this whole journey since about last Thursday/Friday.  I don’t ever want to be discouraging for anyone, but I felt discouraged.  When I got on the scale Friday and saw that I had gained I felt ill.  I know it was probably mostly menstrual bloat, etc, but it still made me feel like crap.  I could feel that ‘I don’t give a shit’ feeling creeping back up and I am determined that it will not win this time!

Eating well has been hard this week – it’s honestly a rough time for us financially – catching up on being unemployed for two months will do this.  So, we are running low on everything & payday isn’t until Friday.  I’m not complaining – I’m blessed to have a roof over my head and some food – no matter how unhealthy – in my kitchen.  So until payday, I’m doing the best I can with the diet.  Today for lunch I had natural peanut butter & jelly on whole wheat bread and a few potato chips.  Not terrible, but definitely not great.  I know I’ve grown up when I can’t wait to get paid because I want to go grocery shopping!

On the exercise front, I have been at it.  My mom and I used to walk everyday about 2-3 miles around her neighborhood.  She was sick for awhile earlier this year and is just finally getting back to normal.  Today we walked again for the first time since probably January-February.  This will be good for both of us.  Now I can do more weight training at the gym in the morning and then walk for my cardio with her.  Not every day, but probably 3 days a week, so I’m looking forward to that.

I guess mostly I’m just proud of myself for getting the apathetic feeling again and not giving into it this time!  Just keep swimming, right?!  Onward!



Weekend wrap-up

I had a great weekend with my hubby & baby boy! We had so much fun with all the September birthday visiting &, of course, all the goodies that came along with those visits. There was cake, cookies, pasta, chicken nuggets, bread, spinach dip, cinnamon rolls, etc. Now the question is, did I do good or did I cheat? Before I answer, I’m going to sum up the weekend and reveal my answer at the end.

On Friday evening, the hubs, baby and mommy drove 3 hours to our destination for the night. I didn’t get a chance to work out, but I still had less than my 1400 calorie goal for the day and it was all good food. Nothing too unclean, all filling & healthy.

Then there was Saturday and Brooke had her toddler’s birthday party! So, my little family drove an hour from the hubs dad’s house to the party so that cousins could play & the birthday boy could open presents. But before we met up with the gang, the hubs mom wanted to meet for a birthday lunch. She took us to Applebee’s where we shared spinach dip & chips. Then I got the grilled chicken penne. At the party there chicken nuggets & cake. For dinner, we went to a Japanese restaurant and I had the BEST thing in have ever put in my mouth. It was crab meat fried in batter & I believe a little cream cheese and topped with what tasted like sesame sauce & white sauce. DELISH!

Today was the Sunday ritual of going to the hubs grandparents house for lunch. And, since we had 5 people’s birthdays to celebrate, we had all kinds of food. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Lunch consisted of fried chicken, cream corn, biscuits, okra, peas, broccoli casserole, ice cream cake & coconut pie.

I had 3 people tell me this weekend that I was looking good. I had 2 people actually ask what I was doing, how often, what types of food I was eating etc. I was feeling so wonderful bc I know how hard I’ve been working the past few weeks. I even noticed myself in the mirror & could tell I was looking more curvy & like I actually have a figure again & not just a big, fat piece of shit. It felt good hearing all the compliments people were giving me about how proud they were of me for all my hard work & dedication. (For those of you just tuning in, I actually started my journey to weight loss in January but just this past month changed my routine & started kicking my bootay with the sis-in-law). I finally started feeling skinny again, even when I know I am not where I need to be & I’m nowhere near skinny. It was safe to say I felt a lot more comfortable in my own skin (and my clothes!) this time around. It felt really nice.

Now, back to the question. Did I cheat? Was I bad or was I good? Did I control myself or did I let the cravings control me? How did I do this big birthday bash weekend?

And the answer is………..

I cheated. I cheat, cheat, cheated. I cheated in the morning, afternoon & evening. I cheated with snacks, I cheated with drinks, I cheated all around. I had all of the above mentioned foods. And it was great!!!!!

However, I did control myself. In only had half the pasta dish at lunch Saturday. I did eat about 5 chicken nuggets at the party but only half a piece of birthday cake. For dinner, I did eat the crab dish but had sushi and about 4 bites of steamed rice instead of a big meal. Then today I did have a cinnamon roll & orange juice for breakfast. I also had all the bad, southern fried food for lunch & a little of both the ice cream cake & coconut pie. And we had fast food for dinner. But, I stopped when I was full & didn’t stuff myself. I didn’t let food control me, I just had what I wanted. I didn’t tell myself “no” I just told myself
“only this much”.

I’m not going to lie, this has been a tough month to not cheat. I’ve had baby showers and birthdays & still have more birthdays & another baby shower. When you go visit family, you can’t say “I can’t eat what you cooked me for dinner for free”, so you have to accommodate & just control. You can’t let it happen every day, or even every weekend, but you can’t keep yourself from everything you want. My hard work bus obviously paying off because I don’t cheat this badly every weekend. Some weekends you can’t help but to cheat & other weekends you can decide not to cheat at all. All that matters is that I’m making progress. That, and now that I had so much bad food this weekend, I can’t wait to get back to eating good tomorrow & getting back into my exercise routine. And that’s a great accomplishment. I’m glad I feel like puking bc I won’t forget how I feel this coming weekend & it will help me be better. I felt like such a fat, gross tub of lard before this weekend and, somehow, I was veryyyyyyyyyy bad on my diet & came out feeling great about myself. All I wanted was for others to notice my body changing & they did. I also had some photos taken of me where I am not that embarrassed of myself.


The above is a photo of me yesterday that the hubs sister took. And the below is one she took back in June at my sweet boys bday


You might not be able to tell, but I can see a big difference in my arms & right around my bra line on the side.

Either way, I’m super happy & proud of myself. Could I have been better? Yes. Could I have skipped on cake & other bad goodies? Yep. But did I? No, because I controlled myself & realized that my journey is not an overnight one. It will take time for me to be able to get to where I need & want to be. And if it’s going tonnage time, you might as well endulge yourself ever once in a while 😉

Hope yall had a great weekend! I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow but in am looking forward to healthy eating again & busting my big booty for 45 mins of cardio & 30 mins of weights! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my progress this week.