For real this time


Haha. Just a little Monday humor since we all hate Mondays! πŸ™‚ I think this was probably me as a child. πŸ˜‰

And, Okay. I know. I’ve been a total slacker a LOT during this journey the last few weeks. I mean, I’ve done REALLY BAD. I’ve been lazy, unmotivated and just downright wanted to give up. Well, not anymore. Today is the day that I get back on track, for good. The good thing is that I haven’t gained any weight back from all the badness and no gym very much the past few weeks. But, at least I know that even with no weight gained I cannot do this forever. I’ve had fun and got my rest, but it’s time to stop being a lazy ass and get back on track.

I don’t know what it was but today I just had a huge sweep of motivation run over me. I was at my desk at work when I had already told myself that since my little boy went to his grandfather’s house this week that I was just going to be bad. I was determined that one more week wouldn’t make a difference and that since he was gone for this week I should just rest. In don’t know what it was, but my emotions just took over my and my whole mindset changed. I went from feeling bad about myself to feeling good on the progress I made. I then came home and worked hard for an hour at the gym. I then enjoyed my dinner and now I’m in the bath tub relaxing and washing the day away. I’ll be back at it tomorrow morning to start more progress on my back and maybe do some legs tomorrow since I did arms today. All I know is that I’ve come too far to give up now. If I revert back to how I used to be, I’ll regret it in the long run. Especially when my husband and I decide to have another baby and I gain more weight. Boo! I will not do that the next time I get pregnant.

Anyways, it appears my motivation is back on track. I thank God for the strength given to me today to turn my mind around. Until tomorrow, here are some motivational photos to help me keep going. I’ll start out with the sexiest back and ass I’ve ever seen. Girl, I wanna be like you! And I’m coming. In will achieve all of what is portrayed in these photos at some point.





This last one is especially true becuase it’s exactly how I feel! Except that motivates me even more to keep going. So, congrats all for losing as your helping yourself and me!


Then vs. Now

So I found a few pics of myself from a few months ago when I first started working out. I know I get discouraged because I’m so impatient, but when I found these photos it did make me feel better. So, here we go.


This photo was taken in February, about a month after I started working out. Yikes.


This was yesterday, looking goofy but absolutely thinner.


I think this was in December, a few weeks before I started busting my butt. Notice how small my baby is πŸ˜‰Β  and how FAT my face is.


This was this morning, attempting to keep my hair out of my face before I could pin it up.

Definitely a change, just not where I’m wanting to be. It sucks, I bitch and cry about it, but then I pick myself up & keep going. Just gotta push through this hard plateau and keep my head up. Go harder, change it up, try different types of exercises and eventually I’ll be back on track.

Now, off to go shopping for my sweet boys Christmas presents πŸ˜‰ that’s right, I’m starting early! Have a good weekend!

Rest day

The middle of the week is always my rest day. I need this day so I don’t feel too exhausted and start slacking. Usually I end up doing this workout on one day during the weekend, but at least it’s split up this way. At any rate, I’m glad I took today off. I can feel my shin splints coming back already :/Β  and I’m hoping I can press through the rest of this week and buy some new running shoes this weekend. I have been working some offered overtime at work so I should have a little to splurge on some shoes and protein πŸ˜‰ I’m also getting to the point of feeling discouraged again. I know that this is a long process and I won’t see results over night, but I’ve been at this since January and I’m kind of feeling like “What the hell?” and “somethings gotta give” or “when am I going to catch a break” most days. I’m just going to have to keep on pushing through, I guess. I won’t give up… I know I’ve come too far to do that. I just wish my body reacted to workouts like other girls do. I see 6 mony progress on sme girls and then I look at myself and want to puke. Blah. Motivation is still here, but discouragement is closing in too. This is why I don’t use the scales very often and just try to push myself the best I can until u notice a difference.

Oh well, here goes nothing (or a lot of something, I hope)  😦

Okay guys….

I’m probably going to be MIA for this week. Since I’m starting my no cheat meal month and tons of exercise, I am granting my husband’s request and saying home from the gym this week. I will try my best to eat well, but knowing next week will start my no cheating next week I think it’s going to be pretty hard not to. I’ll try my very best, though! I still have pizza left over from my birthday that doesn’t need to go to waste and my bff is taking me to dinner tomorrow for my birthday since we didn’t get to meet up last weekend. I really feel guilty when I eat badly like u have all weekend and today, but it’s hard to say no to my sweet boys. Also, next week will start my 5am workouts with my extra weight routines and HIIT training since my shin splints seem to have dissipated for the time being. I’m really hoping with my no cheats, new weight lifting circuits and bringing in my cardio like a boss again that I’ll see significant differences by Christmas. That should be around 12 weeks and I think plenty of time to see significant results. I need this week to spend with my family. Maybe sister is having a baby this Friday so we will be heading up to Chattanooga for the weekend and, well, I’m sure the diet will be history for the week by that point. I’ve just been really stressed out at work and trying to eat right, exercise and spend time with my family is wearing me down a little. I need my family time this week before all the craziness begins. I think it will be good for me so that I can start next week and be feeling anxious about getting back in the gym. I’m also starting to feel like Brooke was feeling a few weeks back where I just have that “I don’t give a shit”Β  attitude and I think if I wear myself out this week, I’ll be setting myself up for failure next week whenΒ  I’m supposed to be on week 1 of no cheats and I CAN NOT screw up on my first week! That’s unacceptable and I truly know I can do this! I do know that it takes time and I need to find the exercises and food that work best for me. Just everybody, please say a prayer for me and keep me in high hopes that I can get through this!


I know I’ve come so far, but this is how IΒ  feel when I start using the scales. I kind of wish I didn’t even look on the scales to begin with, but I know now I need to keep up with it so I can see the results first hand instead of guessing if I gained, lost or maintained throughout the week.

Trying to keep my positive attitude and focus on the next few months to come. I’ll keep everybody updated, of course, but IΒ  really think my body, mind & heart need to be with my family this week.

See you guys Monday! Have a great week, safe weekend and I’ll be back to busting my ass next week. Promise!!!!!!

Happy birthday to me!


That’s right, today is my birthday! All weekend I’ve been just sitting around the house relaxing and, yes, cheating on my diet! That’s not saying that I am not feeling guilty, though. Isn’t it sad when you feel guilty about what you eat on your birthday? I guess it’s because I’ve done bad too many times this month already. But I’m still planning on going strong for my no cheat meal month in October. We don’t have any plans to travel so I will have no excuses. Thank God Halloween is the last day in the month. I’m really not big on candy but I do know that by the end of the month I’ll probably want something sweet.

What I’m hoping to do is make November a no cheat month too until Thanksgiving because we will have multiple meals that will not be diet friendly. Then I’ll try to do the same thing on December. If I can do this and keep pushing myself, I should be to my goal weight around January or February and marking the one year anniversary of my journey. Keep me on your prayers guys. It’s going to be rough on me and I’ll need all the support and strength I can get.

I’ve come to realize that food is a weakness for me. I love to eat. I love going to restaurants and ordering a good meal and being out with my family. It feels so good to go get comfort food that somebody else cooks foe you AND does their own dishes. It’s so great! But I will not be a slave to food. We need food to survive but that’s it. If course, we’ve come to make eating meals a social and fun thing but that doesn’t mean I have to be disgusting about it. So, I won’t. Just a few more days in this month and I’m going to my dad’s this weekend to visit my brand new nephew! I know I won’t be able to eat the best then either, so starting my no cheat meal in October is going to be best.

Well, more tomorrow! Hope everybody had a great weekend just like I did. πŸ™‚

My favorite part of the day


Ah, bath time. The time when you get to wash away all the sweat & stress from your day. Especially after a hard workout, bath time feels amazeballs. I get a little bit of alone time to relax, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. And, knowing tomorrow is Friday makes it feel so much sweeter πŸ˜‰

Today was pretty good. Breakfast of one whole egg plus two egg whites topped with mushrooms, cheese & tomatoes and a cup of orange juice.

It was mine & the hubs day to eat together and since I picked Subway last week, it was his turn. He picked McDonald’s. I had a grilled chicken wrap & a fruit and yogurt parfait. Good, right? But, I did have a child’s sized French fry. I’m sorry guys, but when you go to McDonald’s you get some fries because they are the best things ever. Even if you get the 100 calorie size (which is what I got) so you can just get a taste. I’m not feeling bad because it was delicious and less calories than a bag of baked chips at subway. Yes, they were fried but I don’t care πŸ™‚

Supper was salmon steak, sweet potato fries, black beans, sautΓ©ed broccoli & salad. Followed by an apple with peanut butter (of course, cause I loves it!). I only did 30 mins on the treadmill though. I’ve been really weak feeling today for some reason and just haven’t had any energy since I got up this morning. Still did my weights, too but since I cut my cardio short, I also cut out my quest bar for today. 😦 oh well! I’ll eat one tomorrow or Sunday πŸ™‚


Post workout photo just cause I wanna show off my booty. My belly needs to hurry up and go go…. . But I’m gonna show off what improvements I’ve made elsewhere πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the rest of the evening guys! Maybe more tomorrow night, and for sure at least on Sunday for a weekend wrap up!