Days 19-22

Hello, all! Sorry for the delay in blogging. I know I’ve been slacking (in both blogging & exercise) but I’m catching up now.  🙂

Day 19: Best Cardio Song. This is from theist recent album by BMTH & I can really run to it.

Day 20: Best Weights Song. Okay, so maybe this isn’t the “best” weights song but it’s catchy & I enjoy it. They also have a sing called “goodbye” that I really like, too!

Day 21: Grocery List. I don’t have an actual list right now because we just went to the store, but I’ll write a few things I ALWAYS have on it. Apples, peanut butter, almond milk, eggs, egg whites, chicken, salmon, broccoli & bell peppers. Always something I use so it’s always on the list.

Day 22: Favorite Protein Shake. Chocolate milkshake Syntha 6. Tastes just like hot chocolate & lasts me usually about a month if I drink 1 scoop almost every day.

More tomorrow or maybe later. Right now I have a tired baby that needs to take a nap 😉


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