Tunes To Work To

Today is supposed to be “Best Cardio Song”.  For me, this changes like the weather!  I get bored with the same music over and over again so I’ll give my current Top 5.

5.  Bang Bang – Wil. I. Am. – I love the 20’s vibe of this song – it’s on ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie and it’s lovely to get your groove going!

4.  Applause – Lady GaGa – I’m a sucker for lyrics, and hearing GaGa sing about crowds cheering for you is just the motivation I need to keep me moving.

3.  Blood Pressure – MuteMath – This is my all time favorite band.  They’re not widely known, but their music is amazing and they are even better live (we’ve seen them 4 times!)

2.  Lose Yourself – Eminem – Going old school for some blood pumping rap.  Good motivational message and just enough bpm to get a rhythm going.

1.  Work Bitch – Britney – Not a Britney fan, but this song does it for me.  Can’t deny those lyrics!

I’m sure by next week, I’ll have a new top 5!



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