Catch Up!

Hi everyone!  I’m so behind…thank you kidney stone.  And, no, there’s still no sign of it passing yet, but thankfully he hasn’t been in horrible pain yet either.  I guess it’s just making it’s home in there and camping out.

I’m going to make this short & sweet and run through these quickly since I have 4 days to catch up on!
Here goes…

Day 15:  Favorite Lunch Idea: Avocado Chicken Salad.  Best ever!



Day 16:  Favorite Dinner Idea:  Maple Mustard Chicken.  The Hubs LOVES this shit.  We just had it last night!



Day 17:  Favorite Dessert Idea:  Anything chocolate.



Day 18:  Favorite Self Feature:  The hair & eyes are tied.  Here’s me & H a few days ago.



That’s it!  I’ll be back tomorrow.  Have a kickass day!

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